what to pack in your beach bag

On Saturday I was headed out to a photography class and Dave was gearing up for solo parent duty. In order to occupy our brood while I was out he decided to take them all to the beach. It’s such a fun idea and the boys love to go… it just means that we’ll spend an hour trying to gather the bathing suits, towels, buckets and sunblock. It also means that we inevitably forget something crucial (like a swim diaper!) since I’m running around last minute. In order to solve this problem, I thought it would be fun to show you how to pack your beach bag. That way you can just stick it in the back of your car, then you’re ready to hit the river, lake, beach or pool at a moment’s notice!

what should I pack for the beach

Here’s What You’ll Need

1. A Giant Bag – I got this one at Target for $10 but anything that’s large enough to hold all your loot will work.

2. Beach Towels – I packed the ones we made with tic tac toe on them so you’ve got both a game AND a way to dry off.

3. Snacks – This is crucial so pack up things that will last a while like pre-packaged nuts, crackers, juice boxes and water

4. Sunblock – Remember to include hats, rash guards and anything else you need to keep skin from burning

Mesh bag for beach toys

5. A Mesh Bag –  to hold all their beach toys

6. A DIY First Aid Kit – Just throw some band aids, Neosporin, hand sanitzer, chapstick, etc in a ziploc bag for ‘just in case’

7. Extra Sunglasses – Dave and I always have ours and inevitably when we get to the beach the boys want some too. Have some cheap pairs thrown in the bag and you’ll always have extras for whoever.

8. Swimsuits – Keep an extra pair in the beach bag and you won’t have to swap them in and out with their regular pair.

Change of clothes for beach

9. Change of Dry Clothes – An extra change of clothes (I organized mine with large Ziploc bags) works out great if the beach trip is a surprise. 

10. Flip Flops or Sandals

11. Diapers and Wipes – obviously, only for those of you with small kiddos

12. Extra Plastic Bag – To hold wet bathing suits so my car doesn’t get wet and sandy. And here’s my favorite trick for getting sand off everyone before piling in the car. 

storing your beach bag