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Recently I wrote post on how to style your grandma’s tablecloth. I figured since I had one of those (and wasn’t totally sure what to do with it) that you might be too. Turns out, I was right! That post did really well and several of you sent me emails thanking me for the idea. So, I wanted to do something similar with my Grandma’s china. I have a collection of plates from my grandma (and I’m thinking you might have those too) and I wanted to show you a way to utilize them besides just using them as, well, plates. For this project I created a simple and sweet centerpiece that you could use on a dining table, coffee table or even at a party or shower. It’s really easy to make your own China Plate Centerpiece.

roses and china centerpiece

I got a few different roses from the grocery store that matched my cups but you could easily create this same look with flowers or greenery from your own back yard.

spring wedding centerpiece

Once I filled the teacups I experimented with the layout of the plates and different stacks and combinations until I thought it looked sweet and inviting. I also tucked a few leaves in the pieces and under a few plates for a little playful element.

bridal shower centerpiece

If you’re going to do some blooms out of water (like my rose heads here) be sure and put them on the plates right before the party starts so they won’t wilt before people see them.

diy rose centerpiece

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