best customizable gifts for kids

Honestly guys, I live and breath on the internet. I work there, shop there, read there, etc etc etc so I’m always so excited when I find something I didn’t know existed before. Especially when the thing I’ve found is a A: a great idea and B: totally useful.

That was my reaction when I found out about Pinhole Press. Pinhole reached out to us about working together on a project and I jumped at the chance because I thought their customizable gift boxes were just darling. With Sawyer’s birthday coming up it was the perfect opportunity, and having seen the reaction first-hand I’m now convinced it’s the perfect gift for other little people too. Ideally if you’re a grandparent or maybe an auntie who lives in a different city or state than the kiddo in your life this is right up your alley. Be sure and use the code “TheChic” to get 10% off anything on their site until August 13th!!

Unwrapping a gift

personalized gift box for kids

Everything from the packaging to the wrapping paper was absolutely precious and this wins all my affection because I didn’t need to put any of it together! Gotta love totally customizable gifts for kids!

ice cream in a box

custom photo gift

The best part of the gift (in my opinion) was the matching game that I made. It was filled with all of Sawyer’s pictures from throughout his life. It made him feel so special!

diy matching games for kids

Rachel Hollis Mommy Blogger

And of course, we had to use our new ice cream bowls and sprinkles to have a snack while we played.

Ice Cream Social Birthday Party