sea salt body spritzer


There are so many benefits to making beauty products at home. Not only are they healthy for your skin, it’s less expensive and most of the time you already have all the ingredients stocked in your pantry or fridge! This time we are making a sea salt body spray with my favorite essential oil. When testing this homemade body spray I tried several essential oils, so you can substitute for your favorite,  just be sure to choose one that is made for topical use so it won’t irritate your skin. You can use this homemade body spray anytime you need a little pick me up and it’s perfect for after the gym. The sea salt is rich in essential minerals and helps refresh and nourish your skin. 


beauty sea salt spray


What You’ll Need:

3 teaspoons Himalayan Salt

2 teaspoons vodka

5 to 7 drops of vanilla essential oil 



So easy to make this and it’s the perfect gift for you or your friends. Want some other ideas for easy DIY gifts?? Check out these tumbler gifts “baskets” or this DIY peppermint scrub


beauty body spray homemade