Wrapping Paper Storage

My mom has always had the most amazing gift wrapping station set up in her home. So amazing in fact, that all the aunts, uncles and cousins still bring their unwrapped gifts home to her house at Christmas to do their gift wrapping there. So when I started thinking about wrapping paper storage, I was inspired by her ability to keep such a vast collection organized! This little trick is so simple, and since we all likely have an extra garment bag around, it is likely free! Just grab all your loose rolls that are causing clutter in your closet and place them neatly in a garment bag. Hang the bag in the closet and easily access what you need when its gift wrapping time! ~Cortnee

Wrapping Paper Garment Bag


– You can use any garment bag you already have to do this. Or if you want to be able to see the wrapping paper you could purchase a clear garment bag, like we did.

– Keep your wrapping paper storage in the hall closet with your other quick hostess needs like your hanging linens!

Wrapping Paper Closet Storage