8 Ways to Wear Braids

Once you’ve mastered the basic french braid, there are so many styles to try. So whether you have short, shoulder length or long locks, here are 8 of my favorite ways to wear a braid, perfect for work, parties, or the upcoming holidays! ~Brandee 

side braids
To style this side braid, part hair on the right and braid vertically, keeping the braid just over the ear and slightly loose. Secure the ends and pull out a few “wispies” for a softer look. 

 ways to braid your hair
Style Me Pretty featured this gorgeous Dutch crown braid perfect for shoulder length hair or longer. 

dark hair braid
To achieve this half up half down braid found on The Ruffled Blog,  braid a section from each side and secure ends under each other with bobby pins. 

tucked french braid
I love this twist on a classic french braid from Skunk Boy Blog. Simply french braid and tuck everything from the nape of the neck down under the braid and secure with pins. 

side braid and bun
100 Layer Cake featured this side braid that ends with a loose bun. This is my go-to hairstyle for work, weekends or when my hair hasn’t quite dried yet but I want it to be a bit polished. 

multiple braids
This waterfall dutch french braid sounds and looks more complicated than it is! Section hair into two sections and create two braids on one side and one on the other. Take all three braids and twist them into a bun to finish this look. 

loose french braid
This loose french braid is tucked into the back of the hair like the one above, but by widening the braid it creates a completely different look. 

braid short hair
I love this braid because it was accomplished with really short hair! Check out the full how-to at I’m In The Mood For Heart