Wall Decor Tips

It totally bugs me when I have a wall I feel I can’t decorate due to something important in the middle of it – like a thermostat or alarm system. When I moved into my current place I had two walls like that, so I found the simplest solution! Just take a piece of art on canvas, attach two hinges to it on one side and then attach the hinges to the wall. Now you are able to hide your thermostat, decorate as you wish, and you can still very easily access your devices when you need them. ~Cortnee

Hang Canvas on Hinges


– Make sure you measure both your device and your canvas first to confirm that the canvas is deep enough to cover the device easily. 

– Attach the hinges to the canvas first and then to the wall. If you have a large or heavy canvas you may want to use wall anchors with those screws to secure it in place.

– You can use any kind of canvas art you like for this project! Family photos printed on canvas, artwork, or even buy a cheap blank canvas and make your own (or let your kid make their own!).

Cover Home Alarm System