Clutterfree Bedroom

The bedroom should be a clutter free zone so we can sleep peacefully without distractions. These days though we also have the habit of bringing our phones and other devices close to bed, either to charge overnight or act like an alarm clock.  Having all those cords and clutter on the bedside table can be an eyesore and subtly effect your sleep!

So an easy fix is to place a power strip in your bedside table drawer and put all your overnight charging devices in there with it. Simply thread the power strip’s cord over the back of the drawer (most have a variation in height that will allow the cord to go through – otherwise you can drill a small hole to thread the cord through) and plug the cord in behind the bedside table. As a bonus to your cord organization you can also use washi tape to label your cords or decorate your chargers. You will have a clutter free bedroom and easy access to your phones! ~Cortnee

Power Strip in Bedside Table

Bedside Table Organization