non candy halloween treat

I understand that candy is traditionally what people hand out on the 31st but if you’re a mom like me you know that kids are going to get sugar by the bucketload. I wanted to come up with some kind of non-candy Halloween treat for those of us who’d like to give out something different. Glow necklaces popped in my head because they’re not that expensive (I grabbed a pack of 50 on Amazon) and they provide a safety element to kiddos trick or treating in the dark. 

We created a free printable so you can dress them up and have some cute signage for your display. Read on to see how to make your own. ~Rachel 

glow necklace bracelet stick for halloween

free printable halloween

I would set up a jar like the photos below but don’t light your necklaces up until the kiddos come trick or treating. If you’re going to give away a non-candy Halloween treat you want to make sure it works right!

glowsticks for Halloween

hand holding glow necklaces