Gold bracelets

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or even comments on this website, there is one thing I get asked about more than any other… my bracelets. My bracelets are incredibly special to me and I never remove them (seriously, not for any reason). Basically, if I had the courage to get a tattoo I would have these things inscribed on my body, but since I don’t, I wear the sayings on my bracelets instead. So for those of you who are curious, read on to see what each one means.

Dainty Gold Bracelets

3% – Was the first gold bracelet I ever bought myself. It was years ago and I was up for a big job… the kind of ridiculous, mega, dream job I had no business getting. One night at dinner I told Dave “Babe, I think they might actually hire me.” Now, my husband is honestly the most supportive person I know, but he’s also very pragmatic and he’s constantly trying to help me temper my enthusiasm so I won’t be disappointed. He looked at me and said “Sweetheart, you are so incredible, but the chances of you getting this are a million to one.” I was totally shocked! “How could they be a million to one?” I demanded “I’ve already made it through three rounds?” “Ok,” Dave said, “Maybe not a million to one, but like, 3%. You have a 3% chance.” A week later when they called and told me I was hired I had this bracelet made. I wear it as a reminder that even the person who believes in me most still doesn’t believe in me as much as I believe in myself.

Winners Never Quit. Quitters Never Win. – I love this saying and it’s a motto for how I live my life, particularly where business is concerned. For every success you see here on the site or on social media I’ve probably been turned down or rejected twenty times. Seriously, I have years of practice with people telling me no. No we don’t want your book. No we don’t want to hire you. No we don’t think you can pull this off. And it hurts you guys. Every. Single. Time. It never gets any easier to get rejected. So I wear this bracelet as a reminder. Because quitting on your dreams just because someone else doesn’t believe in them won’t get you anywhere. Like this style, you can order your own HERE, Type in “TheChicSite25” for a 25% discount off your own!

81,311 & 71,206 – Are the word counts of the first draft of each of my books. Party Girl which re-releases on December 9th and Sweet Girl which comes out in May. Finishing a first draft is really difficult and I wear these numbers as a reminder of what I’ve accomplished. Even if no one ever reads the book (though thousands and thousands of you have read Party Girl, so thanks for that!) I did it. I wrote down 81,311 words and that is something to be proud of. If you like this style, you can order your own HERE, Type in “TheChicSite15” for a 15% discount off your own!

Where My Trust is Without Borders – This bracelet is my newest one and I absolutely love it. It’s from my favorite song from church called Oceans. The line goes “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you may call me.” The line is incredibly close to my heart and a reminder of the way I want to live my life. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the little details. How many people liked our post on Facebook? How many hits did the site get today? How many books have I sold? But the truth is that those little details don’t matter. What matters, is that my faith is evident in the work that I do and the kind of person I am on the inside. If you like this style, you can order your own HERE, Type in “Chic10” for a 10& discount off your own!

dainty gold bracelets