cookie exchange Where I come from a Cookie Exchange is a pretty big deal. All the ladies get together to sip wassail and try each others best holiday cookie recipe. We exchange recipes and old stories and everyone leaves with a to-go bag filled with all the different cookies and a whole lot of holiday cheer! A cookie exchange is such a fun way to celebrate the season (consider it for your office holiday party or a holiday tea after church) so I was thrilled when Pillsbury asked me to create a post about how to style one. I hope these pictures and ideas will inspire your own seasonal celebrations and as always, if you have a question or want to add an idea of your own be sure and comment below and let me know what’s on your mind. xo, Rachel 

christmas cookie party holiday party white and red Start by setting the stage. Since you have no idea what color everyone’s cookies will be I suggest you decorate with something muted like white, off white or beige with one pop of color. I went with all white plates with highlights of silver and pops of red. This really allows the cookies to be the stars of the show.

setting up a cookie exchangeCall me a control freak but I really love all of the dishes on my buffet to match. If you’re like me, consider setting your cookie exchange buffet up empty and then leaving cute little tags instructing your guests where to put their own creations.

how to display cookies all white buffet Remember that height is what will make your buffet feel dimensional and full. If you don’t have cake stands just flip a matching bowl upside down and use it to hold up your plate. I also love the idea of serving these Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels as “lollipops”. It makes for a great savory appetizer amidst all the desserts on the table!

pillsbury tip ideas use muffin tin as display for cookies When you’re choosing the vessels you’ll use to display your cookies try to think outside the box… or in this case, the platter! In this instance a stack of muffin tins works as a unique display and adds fun texture and color to the overall look.

cookie display to-go bags

Don’t forget the most important part! How are the cookies getting home with your guests? I like to set up a little DIY bag stations with stamps, stickers, ribbon, etc. Guests can design the perfect to-go bag and it gives them something to do while they mingle. Along with the paper bags be sure and include plastic sandwich bags they can place the cookies in BEFORE they go in the bag. This will ensure the cookie stays moist and the outside of your brown paper stays smudge free.

cookie exchange tip rachel hollis I hope you loved all my cookie exchange ideas and that they inspire you to create your own! If you want to get great recipes for which cookies to bake for your party look no further than these great options from Pillsbury!

S’more Sensation Cookies – These are the cookies above with the chocolate drizzle Peppermint Crunch Sugar Cookies – These are the ones above with candy cane pieces  Sugar Cookie Muffin Tin Dippers – These are the sugar cookies with sprinkles Deluxe Cookies and cream – These are the cookies next to the drizzle S’mores
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