rachel hollis tradition I’ve been collecting ornaments as long as I’ve been alive.

Originally, the tradition was started by my mother. Every year she bought each of us kids a special ornament and by the time we moved out as adults we each had an impressive little collection to decorate our own tree. When I got married I continued collecting ornaments and eventually would do the same for my boys. It’s such a neat way to remember the holidays and a special part of decorating our tree each season. Below is a collection of some of my favorites.  

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Vivian Lee in Gone With the Wind is (as far as I’m concerned) one of the greatest things ever! When Hallmark came out with ornaments for her several years back my parents made sure that was my gift that season.

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I love these vintage ornaments from my husband’s childhood. Our tree is always a mix of old, new and homemade and there’s something so special about seeing them all together. For a peek at our tree this year, click HERE.

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I love this little ladder, we bought it early on in our marriage when we were remodeling our first home. Whenever I see it I’m instantly taken back to the dust and the noise and the chaos of building our first nest.

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Dave bought me this in December of 2006, a few weeks before our first son was born. I don’t know if you can tell but the little mama chicken is sitting on her egg. So precious.

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My best friend got married in December and each of us bridesmaids got a sweet homemade angel ornament. Every time I pull it out of our decoration box I remember how fun it was to be in her wedding and how honored I felt to be a bridesmaid.

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With our boys we carry on the tradition of collecting ornaments… this was from a year when Jackson and Sawyer each got a different dog. Somehow each dog represents their personalities perfectly. 

What about you, do you collect ornaments? If so, which is your favorite? ~Rachel