city passport

Recently some of our best friends moved to our city (down the street from us in fact) and I wanted to come up with some way to introduce them to their new town. At first I thought I might draw a map of fun places to go, but frankly I’m not any kind of artist. I kept thinking, I wish I could just make them a booklet of places to visit and then I came up with this idea: a City Passport! 


The idea is, you get a little notebook and fill it with places to visit. I divided mine into the sections “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” and then I filled those with my favorite restaurants, bars and activities to do in our town. As always we’ve included some free printables and the how-to if you want to make your own version of this. I think it would be a great housewarming present! 

DIY City Passport

Some of my favorites in Glendale, CA!

Glendale California Places to Visit

I found these super cool vintage stamp stickers on Etsy and included them as the way to “stamp” your city passport!

Gifts for People Moving into Town

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