diy valentine's day

Can I be honest with you guys? I really, really don’t like store-bought Valentine’s in any form. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s day but I worry that a holiday celebrating love gets lost when you’re buying cards, flowers and candy at four times their regular price. Every year the boys and I make our Valentine’s ourselves and this year I thought it would be fun to share a DIY Valentine for adults. It’s super simple and sweet… I’m calling it the Cookie Cutter Card!

DIY Cookie Cutter Card Valentines

You can make these cookie cutter cards for your girlfriends, your love or even your kiddos. Just fill the shape with sweet words, a song lyric, or even a drawing to let them know how much you love them!

Love Song Lyrics Valentines

Unique Homemade Valentines

Use a Cookie Cutter to Create a Shape on Cards