flight activity

A couple of weeks back I did something crazy… I took three boys under the age of seven on a five hour flight! I was so nervous about it you guys! I have a two year old who can’t keep still in any scenario, let alone one where you’re required to wear a seatbelt during takeoff and landing! Then I had an idea… maybe I could fill at backpack with STUFF! Not expensive stuff, just Dollar Store stuff and snack filled stuff and it would be a fun surprise for the plane and an in flight activity for all the kids. So my Airplane Backpack was born!

how to occupy kids on an airplane

For my in flight activity I went to the dollar bin and bought up everything that would work for each boy’s age. I had crayons, colored pencils, snacks, books, little toys, puzzles you name it. I even included some wipes and a plastic bag to accommodate all those little pieces of trash that somehow collect around small children. Then I told the boys that I had something special for them but that they weren’t allowed to have it until they were buckled up on the plane. It was quite the build up.

occupy kids on a flight

I’m happy to report that our Flight Activity Backpack entertained them not only on the plane but they continued to play with their treats during our whole vacation. It ended up being a great way to keep them occupied during our trip. 

Do you pack a similar activity bag? Is there anything I forgot to add in mine? Please let me know! ~Rachel