disney jr miles from tomorrowland

Do you have kiddos that are as obsessed with this new show as mine are? Yep? Then you know we’re all going to be planning Miles themed birthday parties this year, and if so, we’re definitely making these Miles from Tomorrowland Cookies! Use a few simple tricks to make some treats that are out of this world! ~Rachel 

how to make miles from tomorrowland cookies

We started with these cute cookie cutters from this Etsy shop. As for the rest, the good news is, we used a whole bunch of store-bought pre-made ingredients here to make it as easy as possible. Other good news? You can totally download all these cool trading cards and activity books in the picture from the Disney Jr website, and you know Mama loves it when you can download things for free!

sugar cookie recipes

Super simple, just roll out some pre-made sugar cookie dough and make a bunch of your spacey shapes!

disney junior cookeis

Bake up those rockets and allow them to cool off before icing.

miles from tomorrowland birthday party ideas

We used pre-made icing and then added food coloring to each to get the ideal hue.

merc from miles from tomorrowland

Want to know something silly? That tear drop shaped cookie cutter… that was what made us think of this idea. We were like, hey that totally looks like Merc’s wing. For those of you who aren’t already watching this show on repeat, Merc is Miles’ pet robot ostrich. Sadly, I’ve had to assure Ford many times that that’s not a pet we can reasonably acquire. But anyway, back to icing those cookies.

Miles sugar cookies from tomorrowland

Look guys, when I ice a cookie it isn’t perfect because I’m not a pastry chef. You know who doesn’t care? My kids! And your kids don’t either. They’re not looking for perfect they’re just looking for cookies, so don’t worry if yours don’t come out exactly like you want them to.

decorating cookies

Need an activity for your littles birthday party? Set up a Miles from Tomorrowland Cookie Icing “Space” Station! Pre-Bake the cookies and then set the table with all the necessities for icing and decorating them. Just, maybe set it up outside because kids do tend to make a bit of a mess with a project like this. 

rocketship cookies miles from tomorrowland