Cool Family Wall Organizers for Notes and Art

It feels like my family of five accumulates approximately 9,000 sheets of loose paper in a given week. For ages I’ve been pinning it to the bulletin board in our mud room, but goodness knows that’s not very pretty. Then I saw something on Pinterest using a clipboard and I decided that a clipboard gallery wall was exactly what we needed to do!

How to Plan a Clipboard Gallery Wall

Start this project by collecting a handful of clipboards in various sizes and finishes. I used brown but they sell every color of clipboard imaginable so aim for something that matches your home decor. Next lay out your design on a flat surface so you can figure out exactly how you wan to display your clipboard gallery wall… I just used the floor!

Hang a Clipboard Gallery Wall

I used double sided poster strips to attach my boards to the wall. If you want to hang heavy things (though I can’t imagine what that might be) you could hang them from a screw or a nail. Since I was just hanging paper the poster strips work great!

Rachel Hollis The Chic Site Clipboard Gallery

Just like with the display I made in the boys room I hung all kinds of stuff on my clipboards. Recipes I want to try, kid’s drawings, tickets to an upcoming event, family photos… basically anything that was formerly stuck to my bulletin board is now on display here. 

Clipboard Wall Art Ideas

Clipboard Wall for Family