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The next Avengers movie comes out soon and you know I can’t let a new movie come out without figuring out some fun way to celebrate! For this one I’m thinking Avengers Pizza Party!! We bought frozen cheese pizzas from the grocery store and themed each one after our favorite Avengers character. The end result was super fun, way easy to pull off and totally delicious!

frozen pizza makeover

If you’re using this idea for a party you can make all your pies for the Avengers Pizza Party in advance or wait until the kids get there and let them help you decorate.

captain america pizza

For Captain America we made his shield out of pepperoni and a cheese star (cut with a cookie cutter!)

the hulk pizza

For The Hulk I considered his fists or his face but that seemed really difficult to me. Instead we just covered an entire pizza in green veggies. By the way, brussels sprouts on a pizza is surprisingly delicious. I had three slices of the hulk pizza for lunch that day!

iron man pizza

For Iron Man we made his face with pepperoni, cheddar cheese and a couple of sliced olives. I feel like even Robert DJ would be down with this pie!

black widow pizza

For Black Widow we covered the pizza in black olives (my favorite) and then added a black widow shape in diced tomatoes. 


Lastly, for Thor we made a hammer out of veggies and Canadian bacon but you can make this shape out of almost anything!

avegers party ideas

Once we decorated them we baked them per the pizza package instructions and then sliced them up. Didn’t they turn out great? I never thought pizza could be so adorable!

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