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I’ve been working on the style in my boys bedroom for several years now. I started with the paint on the walls and then I’d add a piece of wall art or some cool bedding and it’s finally at a place that’s both functional and good looking. Watch the video tour below and then keep scrolling for all the pictures.

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-22

As I said in the video, I just adore PBK for kid’s bedding. Because it is on the pricier I got each piece over time instead of all at once. (Shop these items and more below!)

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-17I’ll be totally honest with you. Sawyer Hollis age six, is obsessed with stuffed animals. He’s been that way for as long as I’ve known him and even though they’re not the prettiest accessory I stopped trying to fight him on covering his bed with them at night. Now, after we make his bed in the morning we just shove them all under Jackson’s bed so they’re easy to access when he wants them but you can’t see them when you look in the room.

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-16

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-20These blackout drapes from Target were a lifesaver for us!! They keep the boys bedroom dark in the morning so they don’t wake up (and wake us up!) at the crack of dawn!

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-10

I like giving the boys as many options as possible to help them keep their own spaced organized. This line of hooks by their door is where they hang up their robes and their sweatshirts after school.

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-6

The wall art above their beds are blueprints of New York and Los Angeles that I found on Etsy. I was trying to think of a pair of something and I thought East Coast/West Coast was a cool idea. I just bought the prints and then framed them myself.

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-7

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-3

The desk, chair and rug are all from — wait for it — Pottery Barn Kids! Hahah, I didn’t realize how much I’ve shopped there until just now. But their stuff is so cute I can’t resist.

Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-1

These built ins were here when we moved in… though they were a terrible color at the time. We just sanded them, painted them and added the cute knobs. 

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Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-15

The Peg Board Wall art is a really cool way to organize and decorate a boys bedroom and you can find out how I made it in this post

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I love bulletin boards and dry erase calendars, I have them everywhere in my house and at Chic HQ. I think it’s a great way to prepare your kids for what’s coming up. These two are from PBK as well… and now I’m starting to feel awkward about how much I’m mentioning them. So just so we’re clear, this isn’t a sponsored post and they didn’t ask me to say this or give me any of this stuff. Apparently, though I didn’t realize it until now, I’m a PBK fan girl!

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Rachel Hollis Home Boys Room-11

I try to leave a different message on the bulletin board for them each month. Some are funny or silly and some are words of wisdom I hope they take to heart.

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