Ford Hollis Birthday PartyLast weekend I threw Ford Hollis a Peppa Pig Party for his 3rd birthday. He has been in love with Peppa Pig since the first time he laid eyes on her and I knew he’d ask for the theme without hesitation. My only hesitation? Peppa Pig is a little girl pig and I needed to find a way to throw a party that felt masculine. Turns out, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Check out what I did.

Peppa Pig Party Muddy Puddles Table

First of all, I was obsessed with the idea of a “muddy puddle” on the table at our Peppa Pig party. Peppa Pig loves to jump in muddy puddles so I thought this was adorable. I used a green linen table cloth and got some brown “muddy” fabric at the craft store. All you have to do is cut it out in the shape of a puddle and add in some muddy splashes.

Balloon Cloud Decoration for Peppa Pig PartyDave had way too much fun covering our chandelier with white balloons and streamers to look like a rain cloud that was causing the muddy puddle table cloth.

Peppa Pig Party Muddy Puddles Snack

Peppa Pig Party Goldie Crackers

I also served miniature muddy puddles (pudding cups) and Goldie crackers (goldfish crackers in a blue cup) to continue the theme.

Peppa Pig Party Gift Bags

Peppa Pig Party Birthday CakeThe cake is from my favorite bakery in Los Angeles and they did the cutest job ever on a Peppa Pig party cake! 

Utensil Bags for PartySince so much Peppa Pig party product is pink and girly I just stuck with bold prints in primary colors. I stuffed these paper party favor bags with napkins, and plastic utensils. 

Potato City 2 - PeppaFor the main meal (I thought this was hilarious) I made “Potato City”. In Peppa Pig, Potato City is the name of their favorite amusement park so I made it my menu. I did a baked potato bar, every kind of potato chip and sandwiches served on potato rolls.

Veggie Platter for PartyYes, I also served fruit and veggies so we didn’t turn into little piggies ourselves. 

Watermelon on a Stick for Summer PartyFlavored Water Station Summer PartyI love to serve flavored water at my parties… because seriously, who doesn’t love it? For Ford’s party I made vanilla bean and strawberry water and cucumber lemon. So good! The best part about the water though? The little pig nose cups!!

Easy DIY Pig Party Cups for Peppa Pig PartyThese pink cups from Party City  were the easiest party accessory ever. Just use a sharpie to draw a snout on the bottom, then when anyone took a sip they looked like Peppa.

The Hollis Family at Fords Birthday PartyI love this shot of party day because it perfectly captures the moment. I’m rocking my mom bathing suit and trying to take a picture with Ford who’s covered in red lollipop, then Sawyer and my sister’s dog waltzed on in and I thought, well, yeah, why not? Kids parties can be bonkers and hectic. Just do the very best you can and once people arrive try and relax and enjoy the day. 

Want to see another wild birthday party? Check out Sawyer’s party from last year in the video below…