Revive My Day FeaturedI get a lot of questions about my backpack.

Why do you carry a backpack instead of a purse?

Is it some kind of mom thing?

Is it some kind of business-related thing?

I guess, it’s honestly a little of both. I carried a purse for years as a working woman, then I had kids and I started carrying a diaper bag. Then the years went on and I needed something that was a little bit of both. So, I call this my working mom backpack. It’s durable, dependable, keeps my hands free and it holds all my stuff! Recently, Aura Cacia asked me if I could share my energizing essentials for keeping my energy up throughout the day– as in, how do you revive your day and your energy when it’s 3PM and you’ve been up with the kids since 5AM and you’ve been in meetings at the office since 9AM and you’re feeling run down? Well guys, it starts and ends with my working mom backpack!

My backpack is filled with all my work essentials (that’s a given), but the trick is that it’s also filled with things to revive my day or add some pep in my step.

Rachel Hollis Must Haves Day Bag

First of all, I always make sure I have high protein snacks to keep my blood sugar up. Nut butter packets, reusable baggies filled with whey protein powder I can easily mix with water, and raw almonds are my go-to.  

Another trick is gum. Is that weird? Maybe, but it totally works for me! I keep various flavors of sugar-free gum in my bag and I pop some in and start blowing bubbles when I’m feeling sluggish. It feels like a little sweet treat and I don’t turn to cookies or candy to perk me up.

Also, music! Don’t forget some jammin’ tunes as a way to wake yourself up naturally. Seriously, feeling tired? Put on some Aretha and dance around your house or office. I guarantee you’ll feel more awake and ready to take on the world with her in your ear.

Lastly, have you guys ever tried these Revive Body Cloths? It’s actually a really cool idea. They’re like really fancy hand wipes, but instead of being just for the kiddos, these are just for you, lady! Compostable, alcohol-free and infused with essential oils, these wipes smell like a trip to the spa! There’s one to help you focus, another to help you find balance and even one to help you calm down. I got to try them out as part of the Aura Cacia #ReviveMyDay campaign and I’m a total convert!

Rachel Hollis Revive Body Cloths

Revive Body Cloths

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Aura Cacia as part of their #ReviveMyDay campaign; however all opinions expressed are my own.