Reuse Glass JarsI’m drawn to glass jars.

I’m sure nobody is shocked by this news since half the things on this website are something we built inside a mason jar. But my obsession doesn’t end with mason jars. I love glass canisters, and glass carafes and I can’t even seem to throw away my pickle jars because I’m positive I’ll figure out some kind of use for them. 

And then I DID come up with a cool use for old pickle jars, and pepper jars and sauce jars and any old glass jar that you empty. What if you could turn them into a party favor? Check out what we did!

How to Reuse Pickle JarsFollow the steps above to make your pickle jar party favor and then you can hand them out at your next dinner party or even give them as a hostess gift. I love the idea of filling them with craft supplies to encourage others to get crafty like you did, but the options for what to include are endless. 

Pickle Jar Party FavorsPickle Jar Party Favors Lids