Holiday 2015 Chic Gift Guide Featured

The Chic Site has been in business for a little over two years and for a little over two years readers have been asking for one thing. A Chic Gift Guide. 

Can I be honest guys? The reason I haven’t made one is because I feel like there are so many bigger, fancier websites and magazines that do this already. They’ve got this planned out months in advance and it seems silly for me to add to the mix when you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the holidays. (Maybe I’m projecting here, maybe I’m the only one who feels overwhelmed, but still) Anywho, y’all keep asking for a Chic gift guide and that must means you really want one. Since I’ve never done this before I wasn’t sure totally how to go about it so I just chose gifts I want to give or gifts that I’m actually giving this year. I can’t wait to hear what you think!Rachel Hollis Holiday 2015 Chic Gift Guide1. Stud Earrings – I love a good stud! If you go through any picture of me you’re going to find them in almost every shot. They add a great pop of color and always make me feel more pulled together. Also, I don’t know a woman alive (and some fellas) who wouldn’t love a bit of sparkle this season.

2. Foster Love Mug – As we’re going through our journey to adopt from foster care I have fallen in love with an organization called Together We Rise which supports children in the foster care system. You should totally follow them on Facebook (their posts are so inspiring) and if you make a donation you get this adorable mug as a holiday gift!

3. State-Shaped Cutting Boards – I’ve loved A Heirloom’s cutting boards for as long as they’ve been around because they make such cool gifts. Find out someone’s home state and surprise them with this unique present!

4. Fruits of the Spirit Bracelet – I wrote all about why I love these bracelets so much here, and I really do think they’re the perfect holiday gift. Edited to add… Unfortunately, they sold out last year! But there are so many great customizable gold bracelets on Etsy that you could create whatever you want! Here is the shop I have mine made at. 

5. Farm Animals – Farm Animals? YES! Through an organization called World Vision you can give the gift of farm animals to families or communities in underdeveloped countries. The gift of a goat and chickens for instance provides milk and eggs for years to come. It’s such an awesome and unique idea that it had to make the chic gift guide!

6. Noonday Necklace – I love Noonday so much it’s almost embarrassing. It’s such a cool organization (which would be reason enough for a purchase) but their jewelry is out of this world. If you buy a statement necklace I guarantee you that you’ll get approximately 57 compliments every time you wear it!

7. Bite Lip Pencil – So many people ask me what my lip color is. So. Many. People. So I thought I’d share it here. It’s lightweight and the color lasts for hours so it’s perfect for everybody. All the shades are pretty but for those of you who are curious my go-to colors are: Quince, Zinfandel, and Meritage. 

8. Le Creuset Dutch Oven – Ok guys, I know this is expensive. I personally had to ask for six years for one and then I finally just gave up and bought it myself since Dave couldn’t comprehend spending $300 on a pot. But those of you who know Le Creuset understand why you’d spend that much. This is an heirloom piece you’ll have forever and can pass down to your kids. It also looks just gorgeous when you cook in it. 

9. Adrienne Scarf – Edited: This scarf was a number one seller when this guide originally came out– unfortunately, it sold out like the bracelet =( BUT, this is a really cute option if you want a blanket scarf. 

10. Reusable Water Bottles – A couple of years ago I shared a picture of my fridge and everybody wanted to know where I got the reusable water bottles. We fill ours up and keep them in the fridge so we always have cold water without the waste of plastic water bottles. 

11. Woven Pear Socks – I have these socks and I love to wear them when my feet are chilly… so basically, all the time. Woven Pear has so many adorable patterns and prints and their bright colors add a little sunshine to the cold winter months.

12. Concert Tickets – Concert tickets might be my favorite gift of all time! I love them because you’re giving someone an experience instead of just another thing. Dave has given me tickets to everything from Aerosmith to Brad Paisley, and I cried so hard during the Fleetwood Mac concert that I couldn’t even sing along. Consider what your loved one might enjoy and then surprise them with tickets for sometime in the next year. The anticipation is half the fun!


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