INSTA-RRL-GettinginShape, rachel hollis

At the start of the new year everyone tends to think about how to get in shape. Well, maybe not everyone… I’m sure there are plenty of people who totally are in shape already and so they don’t need to consider it at all.

I call those kinds of people androids.

Just kidding, I call those people awesome– I’m just definitely not like them.

When it comes to holidays (aka, the last two months) I’m of the eat-ALL-the-things mentality… then I hit the new year prepared to work it off. That’s the deal. I agree to enjoy every cheese covered, deep fried, candy cane coated, chocolate dipped minute of December but it’s January now and it’s time to get in shape!

Check out the video to see my best tips and then scroll down for some more ideas to help you get to your goals.

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