Easter Gifts for Friends

If you have a toddler, or have had one in the last few years, chances are you’re familiar with Surprise Eggs. As a mother I have sat beside Ford while he has watched approximately nine hundred hours of programming of people opening little plastic eggs on YouTube. I have no idea why this is so fascinating to him, but it is.

Since I figured most of my mom friends would have endured similar viewing time I thought it would be fun to make Grown Up Surprise Eggs for them as an Easter gift! These little treats are super simple to make and you can fill them with anything your heart desires. You can spend a lot of money or just grab some items from the dollar bend but either way it’s going to make your gals feel so special!

Gift Ideas for Easter

I found these large, glittery eggs at the local craft store but you can find similar items on Amazon. After they arrived I filled them with little things I thought my girlfriends would like: coffee gift card, nail polish, cute pens, lip balm and one of my hand stitched journals. If you get one of the larger eggs you could fill it with a single item you’re loving like a scarf, a tank or a great book like this one.

Insta-Egg - grown up surprise eggs

After the grown up surprise eggs are stuffed I just tied them up with some Easter themed ribbon and they’re ready for delivery! 

Want to consider some other fun gifts for your friends? Check out these Coffee Tumblers! Or this adorable Easter centerpiece that makes the perfect hostess gift!

Rachel Hollis Easter Ideas