If you’ve been following the story of our adoption process then you know that we’re closer to getting a baby than ever before. If you don’t know about our journey you can read the story here. But this stage of our journey means that we finally, finally get to decorate a nursery for baby girl. Which means I finally get to take you guys on a nursery tour! Yay!!

And in the midst of all of this excitement I got an email a couple of weeks ago from my friends at Disney Junior with some big news. Doc McStuffins family is adopting a baby girl too! You guys, I am not even kidding, when I heard this news I fully cried at Islands during a dine-out night for the boys school. I cried because Ford Hollis loves Doc McStuffins and now he will be able to watch one of his favorite cartoon friends go through a process he’s going through. Also, I cried because anything that makes adoption more normal, anything that brings it up in a positive way, anything that encourages children to ask questions and feel comfortable about the process is a good thing. 

When I stopped crying, they asked if I could help raise awareness about bringing home an adoptive baby and what you need to do to prepare, and well, I was just putting the finishing touches on baby girl’s room. So, to celebrate this awesome milestone for The Hollis family (and the McStuffins as well!) I thought I’d show you what we did to prepare. Watch the video below of our nursery tour and then scroll down for the details.


Since we don’t know the age of the baby we’re getting, only that she’ll be under two years old, these drawers are mostly empty… for now. But I love the idea of using a piece of furniture like this with so many drawers so we’ve got spots for everything from diapers to pajamas.


I had so many cute hair bows and I didn’t want to hide them away… they’re too darling for that! Now they’re all inside a giant jar that I fully plan to fill all the way to the top. 

The boys have helped us with every step of this journey. From painting the walls (from the Instagram shot above) to helping us move furniture around and choose colors for decor. I want them to feel like they’re an essential part of welcoming her home.


The artwork was created by the Hollis boys and I plan on having it framed. Until then, washi tape is always my go-to for a display. The framed quote was a gift from one of my sweet readers and the coolest part? I had that exact scripture on my wall as a child and I had it saved somewhere for baby girl’s room. Several weekends ago I spent hours searching for it and felt devastated that I didn’t know where I’d put it. Then, a few days later I went to a book signing in Austin and a reader walked in with this for me as a gift. I still get chills thinking about it because there’s no way she could have known what that particular scripture meant to me. I absolutely adore it! 

If you follow me on Instagram than you might have seen this little project from a few weeks back. Originally I wanted to hang it above the crib but then I realized once she’s strong enough to pull herself up she could pull this right off the wall. So instead it’s a little piece of wall art, high up out of reach but I think it turned out just darling. The branches are great options for hanging little notes or trinkets for her.


My greatest hope for this little girl, whether she is only here for a moment through foster care or whether she’ll be ours forever, is that she finds within herself an infinite well of strength and faith. It’s why I chose this as the note for her from one of  my favorite scriptures.  But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31




The reading nook area turned out just darling. Eventually, when we know her age, this area will be filled with toys and books. For now it’s just a cozy place to cuddle up.


You might remember this blackboard wall I painted back when this room was my office. I repainted it fresh and new and when she’s old enough she can create some artwork here.


The little rocking chair? You might remember it from a couple of weeks ago when I picked it up during my how to shop at a thrift store post. I’m still not quite done with it (have to add a cushion) but for right now it’s doing a darling job of holding up the doll I got on the day I was born and my Peter Rabbit, who’s ear I tried to sew back on when I was eight.


I really struggled to find nursery bedding I liked because it was all too matchy for me. In the end, I chose sheeting from one place and a crib skirt from another. The quilt was mine as a little girl and I love that it matches everything so well!