WOW! I can’t believe that RISE is officially over! Now  it’s time to recap on all the things and of course I first need to start off with our incredible VIP Garden Party. As y’all probably know we are headed to Austin in June and my dream was to have one last party at my house with my tribe so that’s exactly what we did. Scroll down to relive all the moments with me…

I have to thank our sponsor Evereve for contributing to the event.  You guys know I probably wear something from them at least every single day so I couldn’t think of a better partner for our party! 

I would also love to take a moment to thank Wendy our kind Chic Tribe member who helped create this beautiful backdrop with her amazing paper flowers. 

From my favorite pair of jeans to dresses…Evereve brought the store to my front yard! Guests were able to shop the new spring/summer collection just in time for the weekend. 

Of course we can’t forget about the cocktails brought to you by One Hope Wine

Don’t worry we didn’t forget about those non-alcoholic drinkers! 

A selfie booth is a must at any party, right?  Thank to SnapBar for giving these ladies their moment to shine! 

This entry way has to be one of my faves of all times because our florist Ellamah new exactly how to take something so simple and make it pretty! 


I mean did y’all see these gift bags!! Look at the customized tote from The Shop Forward and the notebooks from May Designs. Seriously, Noonday killed it with the jewelry. And those clutches from Ixchel Triangle are just the cutest. For our speakers at the conference, Erin Condren was so nice to design custom planners and Stelle Audio provided mini clutch speakers. 

I mean look at these gorgeous ladies in RED! 

No party is complete without the food! And Whoa Nelly Catering didn’t disappoint with delicious sliders and mac and cheese (I seriously ate some leftovers after everyone left). 

 A donut wall is honestly the NEXT BIG THING! I saw this at my best friends wedding and I knew I had to have one at my party.

Have y’all seen those photos after the Oscars of all the presenters and they just look totally Bad Ass! Well I always wanted to do my own version with some of the most successful women I know and I because it’s my conference I totally did it!! 

Who can’t get enough of my beautiful family? Cause maybe I am biased but I totally can’t. 

As promised I took a photo with all of my VIP ladies in this amazing dress! If I am being honest this was one of my favorite moments. If you attended the event and didn’t have the chance to see your photo check them out HERE