Y’all have probably seen me wearing these cut-offs all over Instagram but I have been living in them. I recently did an email about them and got a ton of questions about how I style them for the summer. So I decided to pull some of my favorite looks and share the many ways I wear these shorts. 

 I love the idea of combining these espadrilles for a little bit of height with a loose top

For the weekend with my family I can wear a practical  look with sneakers and a basic tee

Since we are in Austin and the heat is crazy I have definitely worn these shorts to work. I just add a blazer with a plain white shirt

Typically I like to add some height with these shorts to make my legs seem longer but I love this take on a weekend outfit. These slides   and this sheer polka dot top are great for summer.  

If you’re worried about them looking like daisy dukes I promise they won’t! These are tight and high waisted (hello to controlling that tummy 🙏🏻) so consider sizing up if you like your cutoffs a little looser. 

Booties with cut-offs is totally a thing! Also this top is great for summer it’s breezy and loose fitting that I can’t stop wearing it.