These are a few of my favorite things *cue the Sound of Music*. Y’all I get so many DMs every day asking me what I’m wearing, what my favorite beauty products are, what I’m eating, what I’m asking for this Christmas, EVERYTHING. So, I decided to curate a blog post that highlights all my favorite things and must-haves. And don’t forget to get yourself a little something too Momma. 


  1. Guys, the hype is true! The Summer Friday mask is my go-to mask whenever I’m traveling or at home and just need a little skin pick-me-up. I love how dewy and hydrated it leaves my skin and I really feel like it brightens up my complexion!
  2. If you travel, work out, or are just over digging into your bag and having to untangle headphones then you really have to invest in some AirPods. I love how easy these are to pop in my ears whenever I have a quick phone call and I’m on the move (like going through airport security). Plus, at the gym, I feel like without cords weighing me down I’m more free to hustle and move my body.
  3. I am certain you’ve seen me wearing my Spanx faux leather moto leggings because I basically LIVE in these. These are SO easy to just throw on whenever you’re having one of those days that you want to look cute, but also want to put in minimal effort. I love rockin’ these with a graphic tee, bomber jacket, or a big oversized sweater.
  4. I’d say this is another “Rach staple” in my wardrobe. I LOVE this Merly jean jacket. It’s the perfect amount of slouchy fitted and it seriously goes with everything. I’m speaking to my mommas here when I say this: buy VERSATILE clothes! I love the fact that I can pair this with a velvet pleated skirt whenever I want to make a feminine look a little more edgy or I can throw it on to just pick the boys up from school.
  5. So many of you guys are always asking me what my travel essentials are and this is ONE OF THEM. When you travel often it’s super important to get your travel gear in check. That means a great carry-on luggage that’s both functional and sleek (so you can feel like a cool travel mogul). For me, that’s the CALPAK Ambeur Carry-On it’s my favorite suitcase to use when I’m traveling because it’s light, spacious, and the white case is super stylish.
  6. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know my obsession with a great manicure. One of my signature colors is OPI Alpine Snow. I LOVE a great white manicure. It makes your nails look super clean and I love that it’ll never clash with an outfit. 
  7. This is a daily practice that I SWEAR BY. This ritual has changed my life and my business. Seriously guys, I use my Start Today Journal every single morning to outline what I am grateful for and to keep me on track with my dreams. Before I made these journals I used to use scratch paper, post-it notes, ANYTHING to jot these goals down.  I created this journal as a tool to help with goal setting but the best part… is you don’t need anything but pen and paper to start your day this way!
  8. The BEST possible stocking stuffer that you need to buy right now are these Ruby’s Rainbow socks. Ruby’s Rainbow is an awesome non-profit organization that gives scholarships to adults with Down syndrone to help them achieve their dreams of higher education. The work that this organization does is AMAZING and seriously, who doesn’t love socks with goldfish crackers and rainbows on it!?