How To Stay Motivated In The Midst of Chaos

What happens when you have to do all the things but then you have to deal with a sick kid? Find out in this video...

Our Go-To Marriage Tips

Dave and I sit down to share some of our top marriage + relationship tips.

How to Stay on Track on a Business Trip

My BEST tips for staying on a diet, exercise and high-energy plan when you travel.

Bonded Hair Extensions: Pros + Cons

I don't know about you but mermaid hair is always the way to go! Well at least until I get tired of it...but until then...

Short Girl Style Hacks

Look Taller In Those Jeans!!

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through the Night

Should you co-sleep? Should you cry it out? There are so many options out there but this one ABSOLUTELY worked for all...

Learning to Love Your Body

After a picture of my stretch marks went viral, I spoke about the experience.

How to SELL your product, GROW your business + Promote YOURSELF

Do you own an Etsy shop? Sell Avon? Rodan + Fields? Noonday? Lularoe? Any kind of entrepreneur or direct-sales position...

Peach Wine Slushy

Super simple, super delicious. The perfect summer treat!

Is This What You're Like?

I taped a car trip with my husband because we always have the most random conversations ever.

Vacation is the WORST

Yes taking your whole family on vacation sounds like a dream, until it's not!

The Life of an Author

How did I write six books? Well, it aint pretty... but here's what it looks like.

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