img_1987Sunday found us at one of Jackson and Sawyer’s favorite kid-friendly places… Kidspace

If you find yourself in or around LA I can’t encourage you enough to take your little ones… it’s the coolest way to spend a day, and apparently, your sixth birthday party. So cool in fact that Jackson begged for weeks to let us celebrate there and I finally relented. When I went to book the birthday party and saw that only one day/time in the entire month of February was available I booked it immediately and felt lucky to have snagged the date only a couple days after his real birthday. It never occurred to me that 3pm on February 3rd was available for a reason. The men in our family wanted to murder me… but what can I say… I didn’t realize it was the Superbowl. Any way, angry men aside, we went forward with the party and Jackson specifically requested a “Science Theme” and here’s what I came up with to accommodate him.

scientific sandwich

scientific sandwich

Something to remember… making your own food labels with cute little names is the easiest way to theme ANYTHING.


Salad surprise



I used all my metal baking ware (from cookie sheets to muffin and loaf tins) because it felt more “labratory-ish” than my usual white platters.


Ranch Dip in a Beaker


Protons and Neutrons

And for dessert…



Originally we planned on making THESE BRAIN CUPCAKES  but the icing wasn’t cooperating and so we cut our losses and went for something more basic.


Test Tubes

These plastic test tubes were filled with gummy worms and jelly beans and they turned out so cute… all the kids loved them. I found all my science equipment on Amazon and everything was really inexpensive.


Petri Dishes

So it’s worth noting that the petri dishes originally looked like the photo below but on the way over to the party they slammed against the wall of my car (I was maybe in a rush) and they were all but destroyed.


Perfect Petri

I was super bummed out that no one would see the perfect amoebas I had created (made with green jello and icing and red hots) but the bottom line is, not everything is going to go exactly the way you planned. A good hostess can take a deep breath, even when the party has a hiccup and fix it calmly (or maybe even just hide it so guests wont know). Either way, the absence of the perfect looking petri dishes didn’t diminish the party in any way even if they did take me all day to make. 😉


A Body In Motion…

And on to activities…


Time for some art



Meeting the turtle


Puppet show

Sawyer and his friend Noah do their best to keep their heads below the puppet show window so no one can see the human’s behind their performance… it was hilarious!


Daddy and the boys

Our whole family loved all the activities… even our fat little baby Ford.


Baby ford


So embarrassed

I love this shot of Jackson because he’s equal parts embarrassed and happy. I have no idea what next year’s theme will be but just like in year’s past, this one was inventive so I’m sure my creative boy will come up with some fun inspiration for mommy.