Military Homecoming2Military Homecomings are some of the most thrilling, heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments I’ve ever witnessed! Today we’re honoring the brave individuals that enlist in the military, and the brave families that support them through it all. With the constant countdowns until a Father, Mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, best friend, grandchild, etc. comes home, by the time they step off that plane, it’s time to celebrate! Here are some sweet, clever and delicious ways to celebrate the safe return of a loved one.

You’ll notice I sprinkled in some photography throughout because these moments are so incredible! I hope you enjoy. ~Mesick

I love the simpleness of this burlap “Welcome Home” sign. It’s super lightweight, easy to make & chic!

Whether you’re hosting a party or having a quiet dinner at home, this American Flag cake looks almost too good to eat.


DIY Signs

This is such a touching moment and a clever idea! I loved that she unveiled her pregnant belly using a “Welcome Home Baby Daddy” sign. So cute!

Throwing a themed party based on their military branch is incredibly simple if you stick to just a couple themed food items and possibly a cute activity like this one above.

For those BBQ inclined families, I love this themed hotdog bun idea!


Darling Sign Idea

If Scrabble wall art is not your thing, put out your actual scrabble board with these words spelt out. It’s a cute idea to have little notes throughout the house showing how excited you are for their return!

Sugar Cookies

Honorary Sugar Cookies

We’ve got all the options here! Here’s where you can find each one of these for inspiration, purchase abilities or tutorials. USA Cookies, Air Force Cookies, Marine Corps Cookies, Army Cookies, Coast Guard CookiesNavy Cookies.

I like to think of this one as “decking” yourself out if 1) you are a manicure queen OR 2) you are anxious/excited the night before your loved-one is arriving and you need a project to get your mind on something mundane like achieving the perfect star! Just an idea.

I love Mom and daughter coordinated outfits. How cute is that tutu??

Christina of Some Canterbury Tales shows her husband what happened at home each month in these adorable chalkboard illustrations during his deployment.

Here’s a patriotic cocktail to help your soldier unwind OR your party guests to celebrate!

Given that many men and women miss important birthdays and holidays during their time away, I think it would be sentimental to have one Christmas, one Birthday, one Valentines, etc. gift waiting for them when they arrive home. It’ll be like they never missed those holidays!

It’s amazing how just a few streamers, balloons and flags can make a yard look like a party!

Once the excitement has settled down and it’s time to catch up, here’s a way to share the little things that happened back home. For every day (or week) they are gone, write one thought, funny anecdote or love note and accumulate them in a jar.