DIY Birthday Crown

If you follow us on Facebook, then you may have seen my picture of this a few weeks ago when I was working on Sawyer’s birthday crown. What started as a last minute idea, quickly took over my Friday night but the end result was so darn cute it was well worth the effort! To make your own little (or big) one’s birthday crown you’ll need… Felt – I got several sheets at Michael’s Hot Glue Gun – don’t forget the glue! Thread – I used cross stitch thread Drapery Needles – The bigger drapery needle pushes through the felt easier Good Scissors – Felt is thick so dull scissors are going to drive you crazy! About 4 Hours – it isn’t hard to do, it’s just a tad tedious to sew this guy up!

Step By Step

Measure the head of the person this crown is for. I just took a piece of string and wrapped it around the circumference of his head. Then I lined my string up alongside the piece of felt… for Sawyer it was two pieces laid end to end but you made need to trim yours a bit. 1. You need to pick an inside and outside color, mine was red outside and blue inside. Once you have them, simply lay them on top of each other and use a few dots of hot glue to secure together… don’t glob on too much or the glue seeps through the felt and looks yucky. 2. Cut out the crown shape you want (I used zig zags but scallops or hearts could be pretty too) on a piece of paper then use it to draw the shape onto the felt. 3. Once you’ve traced your shape, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut it out.

Joining Forces

Thread your needle and poke it in through the inside of the crown and then stitch the two ends together. Don’t worry about perfection, this craft is supposed to look homespun. Stitch both ends together to crate a circular crown.

Up Late Stitching

Now you’ll need to tuck in somewhere comfy because you’ll be stitching for a while. I stitched all the edges (top and bottom) and it took me about two hours. I didn’t really mind because I was watching The Thomas Crown Affair which A: I JUST now realized the irony of the movie title and B: still totally holds up because Pierce Brosnan is always dreamy !

Number Five is Alive

For the number I just freehand cut out the five and then added it to a white circle… please note my fingertips had turned blue at this point from the felt.

All Done

Bow to the Birthday King

Happy Birthday Buddy

If you look really closely at my work it isn’t perfect, but luckily the five year old I made it for doesn’t have a perfect mommy he just has me… and he thinks my crown making skills are awesome! ~Rachel