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I can’t be the only one who has 9,001 cupcake wrappers leftover from various baking expeditions over the years.

And since I know I’m not alone, I’m also betting you’re unsure what to do with yours just like I am. I mean, sure, you could use them on actual cupcakes… but then, who wants 24 mismatched baked goods. Better to enlist the help of the kiddos and create this fun garland for your next special occasion.

You’ll Need
A bunch of Cupcake Wrappers in various sizes… considering using similar colors
A Needle


Thread your needle and push it through the center of a wrapper, head on to the next and make sure you switch the sizes the colors and the wrapper direction with each new addition.

Cupcake Garland 1 - TheChicSite

Thread as many cupcake wrapper as your heart desires, the length is entirely up to you. Use it to decorate around a cake table, on the buffet, or even as decor in your home!

Cupcake Garland - TheChic
Cupcake Garland 3 - TheChicSite

If you make a cupcake garland be sure and share it with us on Instagram with the tag #TheChic so we can see it too! ~Rachel