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Dipping feathers in paint is not exactly necessary, but it certainly is fun and chic and I can think of at least 12 places to use these feathers over the holidays or at my next party. The color combination is completely up to you, but I think there’s something fabulous about feathers and the rustic colors of autumn.
Gold Dipped Feathers 3- TheChicSite
What You’ll Need
Feathers – They come in every color and size at the craft store
Paint – I used acrylic paint and mixed a sparkly bronze with a matte bronze… the exact shades were by Martha Stewart “Rose Copper” and “SunStone
Glitter – Just the paint would be fine but I added a little extra glitter along the edges to a few… look for some that matches your paint
Gold Dipped Feathers
Once you’ve added your glitter, prop up and allow to dry completely.
Gold Dipped Feathers 5 - TheChicSite
This is a great craft to do with the kiddos because no feather turns out exactly alike… feel free to experiment.
Gold Dipped Feathers 4 - TheChicSite
Chic Tip – Add your feathers to a centerpiece, give them out as bookmarks, party favors or even put them in your hair. They can be tied on to presents as a fun embellishment, dropped into your pen jar for some fun, or used in a holiday wreath… I mean honestly, when you’ve got glittery bronze feathers on hand, the uses are endless!! ~Rachel
Gold Dipped Feathers - TheChicSite
Making glittery feathers? We’d love to see! Snap a pic on Instagram with the tag #TheChic so we can see too!!