Getting trapped in a date night rut is incredibly easy to do. You and your partner love a certain restaurant, and before you know it, every date night is designated for the same dinner and a movie routine. Now of course this isn’t a horrible thing… It’s natural to become a  creature of habit because most of us like a guaranteed good time. HOWEVER, keeping your dating life interesting, whether it’s with your husband of 15 years or your boyfriend of a year, is just another way to make an effort to keep your relationship interesting! So here is a dating challenge that we would love for you to do with us: Create your own “Date Night” jar. 

I saw this idea originally on Oh Simple Thoughts, and absolutely loved it! Rachel Cox wrote down “52 Almost Free Date Night Ideas” for her and her hubby to randomly select on any given night. I created my own with both free and non-free options. It’s challenging to come up with 52 ideas (that you actually want to do), so feel free to set whatever number you want. I went with 30 ideas…


Whether it’s “Almost Free” or “Never Free” date nights, create a jar together of ideas that both of you will enjoy. Then when you finally book the babysitter, or are about to reach for the remote on a Friday night (again!), reach for your handy dandy Date Night Jar and pull out an idea at random. And here’s the kicker… DO IT! You never know, you might just have a memorable night!



popsicle sticks


mason jar

card-stock paper

twine or ribbon


hole punch

your imagination 

In my theory, if something is pretty, you’re more likely to use it! So take a little extra time to create a cute label and put your date night jar somewhere in clear site. That way you and your date will remember to use it!

If you like this label I created above, here’s a free printable. Just print out your label, cut it out, hole punch, tie it to your mason jar, and Vuala! You’ve got an adorable jar chalk full of unique ideas.

Creative Date Night Ideas_Printable

Date Night (or Day) Ideas: 

1. Wander around a bookstore or library

2. Stargazing

3. Listen to live music

4. Go to a museum

5. Pack a picnic

6. Go to the beach or lake and enjoy the view

7. Happy Hour

8. Plan a dream trip (real or fake)

9. Go shooting

10. Movie marathon

11. Window shopping

12. Shoot hoops at the park

13. The classic: Dinner & a movie

14. Go thrift shopping

15. Go for a bike ride

16. Have a tourist day in your local town/city

17. See a play

18. Wine or beer tasting

19. Take a dance class

20. Watch a documentary

21. Read to each other

22. Go get a special dessert

23. Take a surf lesson

24. Volunteer together

25. Go for a hike

26. Crash an open house

27. Have a themed dinner (ex: taco night with latin music)

28. Draw/paint each other

29. Go for a walk

30. Bake or cook together


How do you keep your dating life interesting with your significant other?… Tell us below!!