Closet Fixes

Do you have a dark corner in your closet where all that “miscellaneous” stuff lives? How about a sock drawer that doesn’t really shut all the way? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely not alone!

When it comes to our closets, it can get a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to organize all the “stuff” that has piled up over the years. That’s why I’ve collected some simple solutions for the closet. From ways to make items more accessible to how to keep those pesky camisoles on their hangers once and for all, I’ve found 20 Clever Closet Tips and Tricks for making it just a tiny bit tidier, accessible and most of all… Chic!

Boot Stuffer

Do you have boots that flop over when you try to stand them up? There’s no need to buy expensive boot stuffers when you can reuse old magazines as a DIY and thrifty alternative! We love new uses for old things.


This is such a clever way to hang your heals by Style At Home. By installing this cornicing, you can display your best heals and accessories on the wall like artwork!


Installing a peg board on the wall of a closet is a fantastic way to keep items tidy, visible and easy to access. The how-to is over at Lookie What I Did.


Purchase a bulk amount of shoe boxes and go to town with a polaroid camera. This leads to a super neat, organized and chic shoe display. If you like this canvas shoe box look, you can get some HERE!


Hats can be difficult to store if you don’t have a variety of hat boxes laying around. Stop them from getting bent and squashed by stacking them on top of each other on a fabric mannequin like Teen Vogue shows us here.

soda tab

If you need a double hung outfit in a pinch, use a soda pop tab to connect two hangers. Such a simple hanger hack!


An old ladder can double as a cute shoe rack and/or a scarf hanger. Love this look by Real Simple.


Here’s a DIY that you most likely can do right now! Grab some shower curtain rings and attach them to a hanger for a scarf organizer.


This shallow shelving mounts to the inside of a closet door and maximizes storage space. This is a great solution for small spaces! You can see this storage unit HERE.


Installing drawer handles on free wall space in a closet can maximize that space for organizing ties and small scarves.


If your closet doubles as jewelry organization, hanging up clipboards is a super chic way to keep them from tangling up in a drawer. If you need more jewelry organization ideas, check out 27 Chic Ways to Organize your Jewelry.


Real Simple has come up with another DIY closet fix with household items. We’ve all had those run-away blouses and camisoles that won’t stay put on the hanger. Use some rubber bands and you’ll never have to fish your favorite blouse off your dark closet floor again!


Making your own drawer dividers is as simple as cutting up an old cardboard box. Design Sponge shows the step-by-step of making the most of your drawer space.


Having a stand-alone purse shelf is such eye candy to me! Here Lucky Magazine shows us that having shelving for clutches and hanging space for bigger purses is ideal.


If rubber bands aren’t your things, you can also use pipe cleaner as a simple no-slip solution for those hangers!


This drawer is the perfect scarf and tie organizer. By using PVC pipe as a drawer divider, Better Homes and Gardens is debunking the messy drawer forever!


Use a wine box as a DIY shoe organizer. Real Simple suggests wrapping it in pretty paper to add an extra touch of chic!


Shower curtain hangers can also double as sturdy purse hangers. Hanging up your larger purses is a great way to make sure they don’t lose their shape.


These DIY clothing dividers by Oakland Avenue are adorable for growing babies, but I have another idea! Why not categorize your own clothes with titles like “Office”… or “Holiday”… or “Date Night.” What categories would you create for yourself?


In Rachel‘s closet, she hung up an inspiration bulletin board on the inside of her closet doors. She hangs up fashion magazine clippings to inspire her to try new outfit combinations. If she sees a combo that she loves, like a peter pan collar under a knit sweater, she’ll pin it up until she tries it out and then “Vuala!” she has a new look for her repertoire.


Does your closet need a bit of a makeover? If you use some of these tricks in your next organization project, snap a picture and tag it #TheChic on twitter or instagram so we can see it too!