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It’s Wednesday!  It’s Wednesday.  The weekend is so close, yet feels so far away.  For days like this, I need coffee- probably about three cups of coffee.

Over the years, coffee has become very popular and quite trendy.  From blended coffee drinks to coffee crusted steak (yes, I’m not kidding, its real!), a regular cup of coffee isn’t going to cut it these days.  I’m still a purist when it comes to my afternoon pick-me-up– I like it iced, black, with a little bit of sugar.  Of course, if you take me to Starbucks or one of those hip coffee shops in LA, I’ll order some fancy drink.

Here are some exciting and delicious looking coffee beverages to liven your day.


Everyone should have a great iced coffee recipe.  I really like this one by Pretty Plain Janes because it includes sweetened condensed milk (my fav- especially in Vietnamese iced coffees!).

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.55.50 PM

McKel of Nutrition Stripped made this refreshing frozen citrus espresso chocolate fudge.  Its a non-dairy fudge pop made with avocado and coconut milk.  This one is definitely going on my to-do list.


Is there anything you can’t make in a crock pot or slow cooker?  I think this crock pot vanilla latte by Karen of Kitchen Treaty is pure genius!  It’s perfect for serving lattes to crowds.

TheChic_coffee margarita

Earlier this spring, Rachel brought this lovely coffee margarita cocktail on The Steve Harvey Show.  Using a shot of espresso flavored tequila and little bit of coffee, you have a great beverage to serve any time of the year.

20130803-101141We all scream for ice cream! But for ice cream, coffee, and Kahlua, I might as well be dreaming.  This salted coffee and Kahlua milkshakes by Natalie Paramore looks divine.


There is this super popular bakery/cafe near my hometown that serves addicting sea salt coffee.  It’s popping up in cool coffee shops along the coast.  Here’s a recipe for you to try at home by The Little Epicurean. Also, quick tip- if you happen to brew your coffee too bitter, a little sprinkle of salt can help offset the bitterness.


Once upon a time, I detested coffee.  And then I met a dirty chai and I fell in love with espresso. A dirty chai latte combines sweet chai with a shot or two of espresso.  The results are lovely, delicious, and caffeinated.  Try this dirty chai latte by Emily of Five and Spice.

pumpkin-spice-coffee-6‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes– but I’ve come across something better.  Let’s toast to a mug of Kahlua pumpkin spice coffee by Amy of The Blond Cook.

Now that you’ve found your new favorite coffee, have a look at Carmel’s coffee station essentials!  And did you know coffee influences rich, autumn make-up color palettes?!  See Brandee’s edible beauty: coffee to read up more.