Kids Winter Party, Snowman

I love simple little crafts that I can slip into the boys lunch to make them feel special!

These juice box covers are adorable and fun, and if you can convince the kiddos not to throw them out at school you could reuse them over and over. Follow the directions below to make this easy craft for the little snowmen in your life!

Snowman craft supplies

You’ll need…

– Juice Boxes

– White Card Stock or Thick Construction Paper

– Orange Washi Tape for the Nose – you could also glue on some orange paper

– Sharpie

– Buttons

– Glue Gun

– Ribbon for Scarf

How to make a juicebox snowman


Cut your white paper the same length as the juice box. Wrap around and secure in place with glue. Draw on the eyes and smile. Add the nose, buttons and scarf.

Snowman Juice Box


The card stock is pretty durable, so you can easily reuse these over and over.

Surprise in kids lunches


Don’t tell the kids you made these, just sneak it in their lunchbox as a special surprise!

Wintertime School Lunch


I also love the idea of using these for the winter parties at school this year!

Snowman Drink for Kids


Have fun building your snowman! ~Rachel