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Months ago I saw this picture in a Land of Nod catalogue and I fell in love with the pegboard wall art in the background. Just like that time I saw the leather monogram but was too cheap to pay for it, I decided I would make this myself! The thing is you guys, this is seriously the easiest project ever. You can buy white pegboard at the hardware store and ask the peeps there to cut it for you. Then all you have to do is add the yarn and attach it to the wall. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and your kids have adorable pegboard wall art to organize their stuff.

Rachel Hollis DIY Peg Board

First I measured the space on the wall and then had the hardware store cute the appropriate sized pegboard. Quick note, make sure they cut it evenly on both sides. So for instance if the left side is cute 1″ past the line of holes it needs to be the same on the right. Otherwise when you thread your yarn it’s going to look wonky. 

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Next I attached the board to the wall using drywall anchors. It’s a great option when you’re screwing into drywall and even though the pegboard isn’t very heavy you want to make sure it’s properly supported. I found this YouTube tutorial if you’re not familiar with how to do it. Just remember, leave about a quarter to half an inch of space between the screw and the board so you can insert your pegboard accessories (they need to slide into the holes and behind the pegboard… basically, just don’t screw the screws into the anchor all the way. We used six screws so even without it being tight into the wall it’s very secure.

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Next I added accessories from the pegboard section of the hardware store. I also secured some clipboards to the pegboard with wire (though ribbon would work too) and I used them to hold the boys artwork or photos.

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Peg Board Wall Organizers

Love our inspirational quote? I got it from District West

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I think my craft project turned out so darling, what do y’all think? xo, Rachel 

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