diy easter decor for front yard

A few years ago I made a video about a Mummy Door for Halloween. Last year, my friend Eryn made that mummy door with her daughter. It was a hit. Like, a massively big hit and her three year old gave their mummy a name and cried buckets of tears when they had to pull him down for Thanksgiving. More than once Eryn has asked me if I would pretty please, come up with another front door creature. Well Eryn, today’s your day! Behold the Easter Bunny Door! It’s way easy to make with a few craft supplies and our free printable below. Hope it makes your kiddos super hoppy! 

Easter Bunny Door Decor Supplies

Start by cutting out the free printables for your Easter Bunny Door.

The Chic Site Bunny Door Free Printable Face

The Chic Site Bunny Door Free Printable BowTie and Eyes

The Chic Site Bunny Door Free Printable Ear Top

The Chic Site Bunny Door Free Printable Ear Bottom

Attach black eyes to paper plates with glue or double sided tape. Attach the bunnies eyes to the door using double sided removable mounting tape. Next attach the bunnies nose with removable mounting tape and use Washi tape to create whiskers. Attach the ears to the door (with removable mounting tape) at the bottom and halfway up the back of the ear… this allows them to flop forward. Just make sure you put the ears low enough that they won’t get stuck in the door.

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

You can add the bow as is, or for extra fun, let your kiddos decorate it themselves. We used glue and pastel pom moms but they can decorate with paint, markers, stickers or any craft supplies you have on hand.  

easy easter decor for kids

Our door at Chic HQ is brown but all bunny colors are allowed for this craft! 

Easter Front Door

Hope you like our Easter Bunny Door, if you make one please send me a pic on Facebook so I can see how it turned out! xo, Rachel 

Easter Front Porch Decorations