Guys. How did we get to April already?! While we haven’t had the start to 2020 anyone was expecting (I mean really, did anyone see a viral pandemic causing us all to be quarantined in our homes coming?), we’ve still had so many amazing moments to be proud of and grateful for. We’re choosing to make the most of these moments we have at home with our kids and be thankful because this gift of TIME to slow down, does not happen often. 

In the midst of these crazy times, we’ve adapted to different routines and adjusted to new normals. With Easter coming up soon, we’ve started prepping at our house! Since my dad was a pastor growing up, Easter has always been one of the biggest holidays for us to celebrate and Dave and I love celebrating with our kids. We know it’s going to look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special! Shift your perspecctive (shameless plug to sign up for our #NEXT90CHALLENGE and learn how to set yourself up for success during this time) and see this as an opportunity to create new traditions with your family. 

Here’s how we’re prepping for Easter this year and a few tips on how to navigate it within your house: 

1 // Decorate the house 

If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate your house AND keep your kids busy for a bit -I’ve got your back! I know we aren’t the only family who has been doing more arts and crafts, like this Easter Bunny door, and it’s a win-win because our kids get to proudly display their work all throughout the house! I recommend putting up decorations sooner rather than later because it will help your kids get excited about the holiday, even with changes on the horizon. 

We love seeing your creations! If you make one of our crafts, be sure to tag @msrachelhollis on Instagram so we can share.

2 // Prepare everything for your kids Easter baskets

You guys know I’ve been so excited about our new vegetable garden, and what’s even more exciting than the garden itself is Noah loves it just as much as I do! I’ve been preparing what I can give to our kids (like gardening supplies!) early since I know it will be much harder this year to get out to shop. Get creative, see what you already have at your home and look around at the grocery store next time you’re there for your regular shopping. And if you can, order anything you’d get for your kids now because orders online may be delayed. 

3 // Plan your meal 

We love a BIG Easter brunch, (after having worked up an appetite during an Easter egg hunt obviously) I love prepping for our family faves! Since going to the grocery store is a bit more difficult now, I’ve already started planning our menu so we can have everything we need day-of. If you need some inspo, these carrot cake cookie sandwiches are always a winner.

prepping for easter

We might not have been able to get everyone looking at the camera with their eyes open last year after church, but hey, at least we look cute!

4 // Accept this year may look different 

I cannot control what our circumstances are going to be on Easter, but I can control my outlook. We can still get dressed up (or stay in pajamas! It’s our choice!), create a new tradition of church at home, go on a family scavenger hunt or try out some Easter flag football. It’s up to us to create the rules and have a wonderful Easter together. Just because it’s going to look different, doesn’t mean it can’t be as wonderful as other years. 

I know this year is going to be different than years before, but don’t let that stop you from embracing what Easter this year can bring for you and your family. I hope you and your family are holding each other tight and seeing the blessings of this time!