crocheted table cloth, rachel hollis

About 15 years ago my Mema made me a beautiful crocheted tablecloth. It must have taken her hours and hours to create the intricate design and I’ve always felt so touched by the gift. Over the years she’s knitted blankets and even sewn quilts for me, but the crocheted tablecloth has had a special place in my heart.

The only problem, is that it isn’t in a style I usually use so I’m not sure how to style it. I thought perhaps I might not be the only grand daughter who’s unsure how to use their grandma’s tablecloth, and so I set out to style a summer tablescape with the crochet at it’s center. The end result was so pretty that I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner! It’d be just darling for a brunch or maybe a lunch with your girlfriends… better yet, call up Mema and invite her over dinner using this scheme! However you celebrate, I hope the style inspires you to bring your crocheted or lace overlays out of the linen closet and put them to good use! ~Rachel 

crocheted table cloth on summer table

Since my overlay is a taupe color I knew I wanted to do a more muted base and then really highlight a great pop of color (in this case teal!) I started with a white tablecloth and then put the crocheted tablecloth on top.

taupe white and teal table

The whole color inspiration came from these cool teal cups I found at Pier One. They were so fun I decided to use them and once I saw how great the muted tones and the teal played off each other I knew I was on to something.  I added matching napkins and used a few richer brown pieces to anchor everything.

summer table teal and brown

I created simple monogram seating cards with white card stock to top my color splash style napkins. This is such an easy accessory and it also adds a little modern touch to the crocheted tablecloth making the style a bit fresher than what you might normally see.

simple peony centerpiece white

white peony centerpiece tables cape

The centerpiece was utterly simple… white peonies (get a couple bunches of whatever is in season at your grocery store) dropped down inside a glass water pitcher. The flowers were surrounded by some votive candles for another anchor of brown.

lace tablecloth modern table