If you’ve have hung out with me on any social platform for honestly any length of time now, you have probably heard me talk about Five to Thrive. Five to thrive is my name for the five daily habits that drastically changed my life, changed my energy level and set the foundation for me to be joyful and wildly productive. 


This habit came in response to really crappy mornings. Seriously. I was a young mother and every single day was a battle to get the kids out the door for school. We started each and every day as one giant stress ball. To counteract that feeling (for me and for them) I started getting up earlier to get organized before the woke. When that worked well, I added a little more time and used it to journal. When that made me feel great I added some more time and eventually my early morning habit was born. To this day I wake up before my 5AM alarm every morning because I’m genuinely so excited to start the day. My morning routine is a sacred practice for me (you can watch/listen to me explain how I built it on this podcast episode) and I highly recommend you create your own.

The way to do that? Get up one hour earlier than you normally would and use that time for morning routine and self care. Use it to work on that book you’ve always wanted to write. Use it to work out, read a great non-fiction book, meditate, exercise, or just have a cup of coffee in peace.

Two important caveats with this one. If you have a new baby or if you work crazy middle-of-the-night kind of hours, please be smart about this. Sleep is essential so in order to pull this one off you’ve got to go to bed earlier and be in a season of life that can accommodate this habit.


If you decide to choose only one of these habits to incorporate into your day, please let it be this one! A daily gratitude practice will fundamentally change your life. Gratitude helps to ground us and keep us calm. Gratitude is antidote for anxiety, fear, stress and anger and the key to living more joyfully. It’s easy to access at any time of day will reframe the way you see every single part of your life. You can do a gratitude practice inside a guided meditation, as part of prayer or if you’re like me, you can write down what you’re grateful for each and every morning.

You can write your blessings in any notebook you have handy.

My best advice for this habit is to really focus in on little blessings. Many people will list out massive things (i’m thankful for my house, my job, etc) and those are great but there’s something very powerful about looking for little blessings because they’re always around us but hard to see if we don’t look for them.


OK, not literally all the water but I like to aim for half my body weight in ounces of water each day. Hydration is so essential for health, it’s great for your body and your skin and its totally free. Also, I always think it’s easier to add something into our lives than to remove something so this one is usually where I tell people to start if they’re beginning a health journey.

Whenever newbies to our challenge here this they always say something like, “Oh my gosh! That’s a lot of water. That’s way more than I’m drinking now. Doesn’t that make you have to pee every five minutes?”

In a word: yes. Of course, it does. But it’s also flushing toxins out of your system, helping your skin to look better, and getting rid of headaches before they have a chance to irritate you.


Move your body for 30 minutes… every single day. Around here we believe that when you “move your body, you change your mind” so we commit to 30 minutes of good-feeling movement each and every day. Depending on your level of fitness, 30 minutes a day for you might be time at the gym, a Zumba class, cardio kickboxing, or working out with a trainer. For others, maybe you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey. So 30 minutes might just be an easy walk outside in nature, playing in the backyard with your kids or dancing around in your kitchen as you make dinner. 


Choose one category –something you know is keeping you from being your best self– and give it up. Some members of the community choose a new item to release each month. They choose things like alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, junk food, social media, etc. Some people commit to one thing for the entire 90 day challenge— we’ve seen the most incredible stories of transformation come out of those experiences. But however you choose to pursue this habit, know that what you remove from your life is often just as powerful as what you add to it.