Before I had kids, the morning was my own. I decided when I wanted to wake up. I decided what I wanted to do with that time. I never once opened my eyes and saw a toddler staring at me like a creepy extra from Children of the Corn! But then I had kids, and suddenly someone else was dictating my mornings, which I suppose would be fine if I had been one of those well-organized mothers who manage to make parenting look effortless. But our reality was often messy and chaotic and hard and frustrating. We’d survive (barely), and I would get the kids off to school. But because the morning was chaotic and frustrating, I was starting almost every workday feeling chaotic and frustrated. It was hard to shake.

It wasn’t until I started the practice of waking up an hour before my children that I understood how powerful it is to get ahead of the day. Now, I am intentionally planning my morning routine around the kind of day  I want to have, because if you own the morning, then you own the day. If you own the day, then you own the week. It’s the ultimate routine you can set for yourself, and mine is made up of practices I’ve worked and reworked hundreds of times to get to the ultimate start to my days. I’m sharing it with you now to give you a head start on creating one for yourself.

My Morning Routine

5:00 AM – Wake up! I get my workout clothes on, slippers, and head to the kitchen.

5:10 AM – Turn the coffee pot on and get that brewing. Meanwhile, I chug a big ol’ glass of water (gotta stay hydrated!)

5:20 AM – Grab my coffee, throw in some cinnamon, and caffeinate myself. Then I take the time to write in my Start Today Journal. This is such an important part to my morning because it really sets the tone for my day. Getting the chance to sit in gratitude and intentionally lay out my goals has allowed me to grow. It’s challenged me to dream BIGGER and has given me the tools to be intentional with my goals. I have been doing this practice for years and it’s the reason I’m where I am today. 

Grab your own Start Today Journal below to get a kickstart on creating your morning routine!


5:30 AM-  I get my pre-workout energy drink ready and get my music going to get myself pumped up for my workout.

5:45 AM-  Head on down to the workshop gym (AKA the gym in my garage that is freezing 90% of the time). 

5:45 – 6:30AM- I usually only have 45 minutes to get a good workout in so for me this time is REALLY vital. These are 45 minutes where I’m really pushing myself to be better. If it’s an arm workout day then I’m going to try heavier weights. If I’m running then I’m going to increase the time I’m running. If it’s core then I’m upping my amount of reps. Remember, it’s not about how you look it’s about how you feel.

6:35AM- 7:35AM- Now I’m in the “getting kids to school mode”. I’m getting snacks, lunches,  jackets, backpacks, and all the things ready to go. Then I drop them off to school and head back home! 

7:40M- 7:50AM- I arrive back at my house and get my infamous green smoothie ready. This is the smoothie I drink every single day and get a million questions about. I get that prepped and then head into our office for live stream.

8:00AM- As many of you already know, Dave and I live stream every weekday at 8am CST on Instagram and Facebook. We talk about what’s going on with our family, company, and act like total goofs 99% of the time. 


I created this video as a preorder gift to my community and now I’m sharing it with you in hopes that it will inspire you to create your own morning routine! Check out the video below for my FULL routine and be sure to grab all your supplies to get your morning started like me!