Rachel Hollis nighttime skincare products



Step 1 – First I’ve got to get my makeup off! I start by putting a thin layer of JapanFusion from Beauty Pie all over my face. Then (per package instructions) I add warm water which makes my whole face look like it’s covered in milk.

Step 2 – I use these makeup towels (which are truly magical) to remove the makeup + milk mask. I used to use disposable face wipes for this, but I like the towels better because it’s reusable and better for the world.

Step 3 – Girl, Wash Your Face! No, for real, this is the step where I use my panthenol cleanser to wash my face with warm water. Then I pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 4  – If I need an exfoliant, I’ll do one of two things here. Either I’ll try a gentle scrub like Summer Fridays overtime mask , or I’ll use the  skyn Iceland Nordic skin peel   — OK, first my love for Skyn started with their undereye patches and then on a whim I decided to try their skin peel, and now we’re in love and getting married. Inside the tub are these little pads that I use a couple times a week (or after I’ve had heavy makeup on for a shoot).

Step 5 – Now it’s time for a hydrating mist –of which I have tested approximately ninety bajillion over the years– and have settled on this Rosewater mist? Why? Well for one thing, I have rosacea and rose extract is anti-inflammatory and soothing so it’s great for sensitive skin. For another, it’s like $10! 

Step 6 – OK, we’re in for a treat! It’s time for the Super Active Capsules from Beauty Pie. I honestly tried these (and all the Beauty Pie products) after I interviewed it’s founder Macia Kilgore on the podcast, but I kept using them because they are amazing! My skin is sensitive and it gets dried out –especially in winter– adding in this layer makes it feel glowy and hydrated. I wouldn’t recommend if your skin runs too oily, but if you’re dry like me.. DO IT!

Step 7 – Now it’s time for moisturizer! I’ve been using Jet Lag moisturizer from Summer Fridays for a while (remember, my skin is dry) and it’s worked great. But I’ll be super honest, I recently started using La Mer because my best friend Amy bought it for me for my birthday. True story, I’d always wanted to try La Mer (it’s what every fancy celebrity swears by) but I couldn’t handle the expense (it’s like $150 for a jar the size of a four stack of Oreos)… and #1 yes my friends are the BEST, but #2, you guys, I get it. I GET why J-Lo and Gwyneth and every celebrity in between swears by it. I do not know what is in that jar but if you are fancy, like, if you have oil money or lottery money then dude, upgrade your life and get the La Mer! Just make sure you follow the application directions (I had to watch a YouTube video) because it’s a bit different than typical moisturizer. 

Step 8 – Add on a layer for rosacea! I read an article a couple years back on the best products for rosacea and this Redness Relief Calmplex came up and now I’m hooked. I add a layer after all of my other product is on and just in the red areas but it’s really helped to bring down the redness. I understand that it’s not inexpensive, but I swear a jar of this will last you like 6ish months and I use it morning and night!


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