How to style naturally wavy hair

I keep arguing with the team about whether or not readers are interested in things like what my skincare routine is or what’s in my fridge and it turns out I’m forever wrong because you guys DO want to know (these are some of our most popular posts) so I thought I’d stop fighting it! This week I’m sharing how I keep my hair in check and under control. The first thing to note is that my hair is naturally really wavy, almost but just barely not, curly. Nobody in the office believed me when I mentioned this so I’m sharing a picture from my engagement photo shoot as proof! PS – don’t you love that sweater and button down shirt… I was so preppy back in the day.

 curly hair

 Ok, so now that you’ve seen what I’ve got to keep under control I’ll explain how I do it. A quick note, I understand that some of you will say “why not just embrace the curls?” I get it guys, and I’d probably say the same thing to me but I just don’t like them as much as I do when it’s straight so the waves only come out on weekends. 

hair care products

You may notice in my roundups that I tend to use a bunch of different products from the same brands. This isn’t necessarily because I’m die-hard, it’s because I find one thing that works for me and I work my way through the rest of their offerings. If something works I’m a loyalist, if it doesn’t I find a different brand who does it better.

1. & 2. Shampoo – I use two different shampoos. I know, I already sound high maintenance but bear with me. I use the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo because I like some bounce and some body and since my hair is fine it needs a little help with the lift. The Pureology Purify Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo so I maybe use it once a week. Another thing to note, and this is a big one, I wash my hair maybe twice a week, maybe. I think my worst hair day is always the one with clean hair, so I go as long as I can between washes. Also, my hair is colored so most of the products I like are made specifically with that in mind.

3. Hydrating Conditioner –  No shocker here, because I use Pureology shampoo, their Hydrating Conditioner is my favorite too. A little weirdo tip from me to you… this conditioner smells so calming to me (it’s made with peppermint and rosemary) so I usually take a couple deep breaths while it’s in my hair and try and imagine I’m in a spa. Don’t judge me, it totally works!

4. Big Sexy Hair Spray – I don’t want to oversell this you guys, but the What a Tease Hairspray is THE GREATEST ON THE PLANET!! Not even kidding, I just hosted a big party and I gave this in the gift bags. Also, I have at least six bottles under my sink at any given time because I buy it in bulk for fear that ULTA will run out when I need some. It’s basically like teasing your hair (large and in charge) without the brush involved! 

5. Argan Oil – I use Josie Maran’s Argan Oil on my face, my hands and the ends of my hair. It’s great to soak into dry hair and likely what I use on the weekends when I’m going to let it air dry. I just put a quarter size amount in my palms, rub it together and scrunch it into wet hair and let it air dry. It’s not perfect style by any means but if I let my hair air dry with no product… well, nobody wants to see what that looks like!

6. Moroccan Oil Hairspray – This is a recent discovery of mine because every time I’d have my hair done professionally they were using it. It smells so good and holds my fine hair in a style without weighing it down.

7. Voluminizing Mousse – When my hair is still wet I’ll add a leave-in conditioner and some of Pureology Silk Bodifier Mousse. Then I do a rough blow dry… meaning, I dry it all the way, and sort of straighten it a little but really I’m just trying to get all the moisture out. If I’ve got to head to work I’ll pull it back in a bun because like I said, clean hair is not my favorite because it won’t hold it’s shape. What I do more often then not is wash my hair at night after the kids are in bed. Then I blow dry, and sleep on the dry hair. The next morning it’s ready to hold a curl or get straightened depending on my mood.

Rachel HOllis