pier one napkin, green and blueThis two-napkin trick is something I learned while on a magazine shoot. Whenever you decorate a table for TV or magazines you want to make the tabletop look as full and layered as possible. The first time I did a photo shoot for Traditional Home I styled the table with a Hanging Napkin and the photo director asked me if I could “make the napkins fluffier.”

I didn’t actually know what that meant, but I started playing around with the napkins I had on-hand and eventually came up with this “splashy” idea.  

rachel hollis traditional homeUsing two different napkins is, yes, totally unnecessary but it’s such a beautiful way to add layer and color to your table top. Utilizing bright bold colors in this way is the perfect trick to dress your summer tables!

Blue and Green Table Napkins

What You’ll Need

Two Napkins in Complimentary Colors – I used Hemstitch Napkins in Turquoise and Grass Green

A Napkin Ring – I used this Succulent Bloom

I also added extra layers here with not one, but two Gold Chargers

napkin fold tutorial

Talk about the easiest napkin “fold” of all time… even kids can pull this one off!