how to set the table, pier oneThis was a napkin fold I “invented” the very first time I hosted Christmas dinner at our house. I was a newlywed and realized moments into setting my holiday table that I didn’t actually know how to fold linens as well as I thought. After breaking down in tears I tried a simple long fold and draped it off the edge of the table. Once the plates came down on top it actually looked pretty chic, and years later, I’ve incorporated it into more tablescapes than I can count. Read on to see how to create it in your own home. 

what you'll needWhat You’ll Need

Placemat in a fun print – These are from Pier One

Solid Color Napkin that matches your placemat – try something bold like these Hemstitch in Coral

Something for the top of the plate – this could be a menu, a seating card or these Hand Stitched Journals which make a lovely party favor.

Matching Ribbon – if you want to wrap up your party favor like I did

how to pacesettingThe end result is so pretty and so simple anyone can do it!

coral and purple place setting