Rose Napkin Ring


Spring is in Full Bloom! Please pardon my pun, but this craft is simply too pretty and happy not to make you feel all rosy inside! Ok… I’m done now, I promise.

Seriously though, these rose napkin rings are just beginning to deck out your next dinner party table and with only a few ingredients they’re ripe for the picking. Ok, NOW I’m done. 😉

flower napkin rings


Now that you’ve gathered all the ingredients you’re ready to craft!

Wrapping a ring in ribbon

Start by putting a dot of glue onto your ring and using it to attach the end of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around until the ring is fully covered and use another dot of hot glue to seal it closed.

Silk Flower Craft

Next cut your flower head off at the base and use more hot glue to attach it to the ring.

Silk Flower Craft, Roses


I chose several different colors of flower and used matching ribbons but you could do all the same color and that would be gorgeous too! Once you’re done use my splashy napkin fold to create the perfect place setting! ~Rachel

Rose napkin ring place setting